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ACTEON – prophylaxis workflow

A unique solution for all prophylaxis procedures

Through the years, ACTEON has confirmed its position as a world leader in dentistry by delivering high standards and excellence in dentistry, based on a strong know-how. ACTEON’s mission is to allow clinicians to provide the most effective, convenient, and comfortable care to millions of patients every day around the world for their most common workflows.

As an innovation leader in imaging and ultrasonic, ACTEON is allowing the clinicians to enhance their vision, from diagnosis to follow-up with a reliable and immediate check of the clinical condition. The prophylaxis workflow by ACTEON offers a complete solution for dentists during each step of the patient management, improves care and serves the best interests to clinicians and patients. The communication between the dentist and the patient is great for patient compliance and acceptance in the follow-up of the treatment: clinicians and patients speak the same language.

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