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Cementacion y preparacion: factores de exito.

Prof. Herney Garzon Rayo

Cementacion y preparacion: factores de exito.

05 May 2020, 10:00 PM Shanghai

El conocimiento del tejido y el material garantizaran una adecuada escogencia del material cementante y un protocolo con base en evidencia cientifica.

Effectiveness of different devices for biofilm control used around dental implants

22 Apr 2020, 12:00 AM Shanghai

Compared to natural teeth, dental implants do not have an immune system. Consequently, biofilm formation can cause quick peri-implant inflammation. However, using the correct devices dentists can try to prevent this.

Why is every patient different? State of the art of local Microflora

25 Mar 2020, 02:00 AM Shanghai

Different proportion and species of pathogens can be related to periodontal diseases. Therefore, different bacterial compositions require specific ways of treating various kinds of periodontal diseases.

Treating endo-perio disease: motivate your patients to change their lifestyle

26 Feb 2020, 05:00 AM Shanghai

Endoperio disease—it looks hopeless but if you understand the strategy of preserving teeth, there is a good chance to save them. A key factor could be changing patient motivation by using the T2T concept.

To see is to understand – The use of intraoral cameras as an aid for individual biofilm control education

Discuss whether the use of images in addition to behavior change techniques such as reinforcement, goal-setting, feedback in the context of a dental appointment, contributes increasing biofilm control

Dysbiosis and oral health: how to design individualized preventive care pathways

In this webinar you will learn importance of mechanical biofilm control as well as to design personalized homecare programs for a biofilm control on your patients

Prevention vs Prosecution – How this life could have been saved

Many people have abnormal sores in their mouths with the great majority being noncancerous, making our screening techniques even more important.

On Demand Webinar

Postoperative care – A challenge before success

Javier Rojas DDS, MBA

Postoperative care – A challenge before success

Do we need antibiotics after a dental surgery? Do we need chlorhexidine to maintain clean the surgical site? For how many days? We will answer and clarify what you need to do to maintain your surgeries in the best conditions.

Behavior management in Pediatric Dentistry – dos and don’ts

Giving the child a pleasant first visit that will secure success and ensure that they are not terrified of their next appointment. Pedodontist or not, you need to follow some basic steps when you are the first dentist in contact with child.

On Demand Webinar

The impact of Candida Albicans on oral health

Reem Hanna BDS, MSc

The impact of Candida Albicans on oral health

- Patient’s education in terms of good hygiene and diet consumption
- Awareness of the impact of Candidate Albicans as predisposing factor on pre-malignant disorders.
- An overview of the effect of Candida Albicans on the immune system

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