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From left: Martin Haase, CEO Heraeus Kulzer, Michael Rynerson, CEO Dental Wings, and Novica Savic, Head of Division Dental Materials at Heraeus Kulzer. (Photograph: Dental Wings)

Dental Wings and Heraeus Kulzer announce long-term collaboration

By Dental Tribune International
March 18, 2015

MONTREAL, Canada/HANAU, Germany: Canadian company Dental Wings and German dental manufacturer Heraeus Kulzer have entered into a long-term collaboration for the worldwide distribution of the Dental Wings Laser Milling (DWLM) technology. The two companies announced that they will be distributing the new technology with specialized Heraeus Kulzer materials in order to improve digital production of dental restorations.

Using a process called laser ablation within a closed-loop 3-D process and with integrated quality control, the DWLM system removes material from polymer, ceramic or glass-ceramic blocks to produce dental restorations directly from open STL data. Among the benefits are reduced operating costs, high-resolution features, and equipment that is simple to use and maintain, according to Dental Wings. The first joint products will be introduced in the first half of 2016.

"We feel that combining our strengths will accelerate the adoption of the DWLM technology, which over time will transform how dental restorations are made, and usher in a new era of digital materials," said Dental Wings CEO Michael Rynerson.

Novica Savic, Head of the Dental Materials Division at Heraeus Kulzer, added: "Laser milling offers interesting opportunities in efficiently and reliably providing patients with digitally produced dental restorations. But even in modern digital prosthetics, the basis for high-quality restorations is still materials aligned to the needs of the dental technology. Our job is to provide these solutions."

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