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The new DWIO system aims at easing the adoption of intraoral scanning by dentists. (Photograph: Dental Wings)

Dental Wings introduces first intraoral 3-D scanner

By Dental Tribune International
March 07, 2015

COLOGNE, Germany/MONTREAL, Canada: International provider of digital dentistry technologies Dental Wings will be demonstrating its new intraoral scanning system Dental Wings IntraOral (DWIO) at this year's International Dental Show in Cologne. Ahead of the event, the Canadian company will be introducing the main innovations of its new intraoral 3-D scanner.

"We are extremely excited about what our first DWIO system represents in the rapid evolution of intraoral scanning technology. First and foremost, we strove to achieve a handpiece form factor, software architecture, and overall system concept that naturally fit into the way dental professionals work," explained Michael Rynerson, CEO of Dental Wings.

The DWIO system has an intuitive design, helping the dentist focus on the patient rather than the technology while capturing digital impressions. Dental Wings offers an extremely small scanning tip aimed at easing the adoption of intraoral scanning by dentists, as well as a simple and comprehensive infection control protocol.

Based on a novel 3-D capture technique called Multiscan Imaging, the DWIO system allows the dentist to take digital impressions in a natural, fluid manner using a handpiece that is very similar to existing dental handpieces, very robust and maintenance free.

DWIO can be used for tooth-borne and implant-borne restorations, removable prostheses, and orthodontic cases. Open export of STL data will allow dentists to access the scan data immediately for chairside production or to collaborate with their laboratory partners while the patient is still in the chair.

Aside from dental scanning, Dental Wings offers solutions for implant planning, prosthesis design, manufacturing integration and communication systems to connect dental professionals.

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