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Gentle extraction preserving the vestibular lamina. (Photograph: Dr Martin Weber, Germany)

Fast, functional aesthetic solution for anterior tooth trauma

By Dr. Martin Weber
January 09, 2019

CEREC and oral surgery? In times when patients go to a practice to receive complete, aesthetic, state-of-the-art treatment as quickly as possible, I think they go together very well. I did not always think so. Certainly, CEREC was always interesting; I have used it since 2003, but I did not always find the results convincing. In 2014, I had a closer look at an event in Salzburg, Austria, and learnt two things: the system had been further developed, and in particular, the precision had been improved considerably. It fits well in my practice; I use it almost every day because I have many patients who have busy jobs and do not have much time. I experience a great workflow in the practice that gives me maximum flexibility. Depending on the indication and the patient’s wishes, I can decide whether to make the restoration myself or outsource it to a laboratory, which I often do for more elaborate bridges. Then, I send the scan directly to my partner laboratory via Sirona Connect—that is very reliable.

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