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BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus takes on hybrids…Emerges on top.
Shofu Dental Corporation (San Marcos, Ca) is offering a new injectable hybrid, “BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus.”   
BFP is lauded as the next step in the evolution of restorative materials based on its convenient flowable delivery system and physical properties and functionality that rivals leading hybrids.  Brian Melonakos, President of Shofu Dental Corporation has been very pleased with the success of the product.  “We’ve always known that we have an amazing product on our hands… but none of us imagined how quickly it would catch on.”  He goes on to explain that “Part of the success of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is attributable to reduced treatment times in restorations.  In todays busy practices, every second counts”.  All those interested in learning more about this product are invited to come see what all the excitement is about at the Shofu Booth.  
BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is a flowable base, liner, and final restorative material approved for all indications, including Class II.  With a smooth, self-leveling consistency, the restorations practically polish themselves. Moreover, Shofu’s proprietary S-PRG (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass) technology provides sustained fluoride release and recharge that is especially useful for high caries index patients.  
Available in two distinct viscosities, F00 (Zero Flow) offers precision stacking, and F03 (Low Flow) is an ideal base/liner.  For a limited time only, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is available in two special kit offerings.  The Standard kit (PN 2000S) offers two 2.2 gram syringes of both viscosities in shades A2 and A3, and the Pedo kit (PN 2000P) offers two 2.2 gram syringes in both viscosities in shades A1 and Bleach White.  Both kits also contain samples of Shofu’s top selling products including: the 7th generation bonding agent BeautiBond, One Gloss, Super Snap, and Shofu’s hybrid material BEAUTIFIL II.  The kit retails for $99.95 (a $160 value).

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