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电子纸版本是 DTI 印刷出版物的精确数字副本。读者可以搜索和浏览电子纸,也可以下载和打印页面离线阅读。为了向我们的国际读者广泛传播,大多数电子论文都是免费的。


today ISDH International Symposium on Dental Hygiene Seoul July 11–13, 2024

ISDH puts dental hygienists at the centre of oral health / “We recognise that our societies are changing, and we ask how we can adapt to meet the evolving needs of our communities” / The hidden factors behind oral health behaviours / News / Treatment of patients with severe periodontal disease in general dental practice / Industry / What’s on in Seoul, ISDH 2024, 11–13 July / Service /