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FKG Dentaire 产品

Many dental professionals around the world rely on FKG Dentaire products, because the company is able to anticipate and respond to the needs of end users while providing dental professionals with high-quality equipment.

FKG Dentaire – Rooter X3000

二. 21. 九月 2021

HIGH SPEED, UP TO 3000 RPM The fastest speed on the market for a cordless endo-motor. Precision and control at your fingertips. The strong power, together with accurate and stable torque output ...


FKG Dentaire – R-Motion

三. 11. 八月 2021

CONFIDENCE Through EASY-TO-USE, CONSERVATIVE Reciprocating Instruments HIGH FLEXIBILITY and safe progression thanks to the proprietary heat treatment process applied to R-Motion instruments. ...


FKG Dentaire – Rooter Universal

三. 23. 六月 2021

The Rooter Universal is a cordless endodontic motor with apex locator. With its powerful functions and precise measurements, the clinician can easily cope with the root canal preparation problem, and ...


FKG Dentaire – RACE EVO

三. 23. 六月 2021

RACE EVO is the ultimate evolution of our popular and proven RaCe rotary system. Highly dependable original RaCe features combined with proprietary heat treatment and higher rotation speed capability,...


FKG Dentaire – TotalFill BC Sealer HiFlow

四. 18. 四月 2019

Clinicians now have two distinct formulations of the same proven pre-mixed bioceramic sealer to choose from. Compared to standard TotalFill BC Sealer, TotalFill BC Sealer HiFlow exhibits a lower ...


FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Solutions

六. 9. 三月 2019

Since launching its first revolutionary 3-D instrument – the XP-endo Finisher – four years ago, Swiss manufacturer of innovative, high quality endodontic solutions, FKG Dentaire SA, introduces the...


FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence

三. 15. 八月 2018

The XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence, solves a common problem for dentists: how to treat complex root canal systems without causing damage to the dentinal structure. FKG combined unique Adaptive Core™ ...


FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Shaper

日. 15. 七月 2018

The XP-endo Shaper is the latest addition to the XP-endo range. It is a truly innovative shaping instrument which can be used to radically simplify endodontic sequences. The need for 3D ...


FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Finisher

五. 15. 六月 2018

Based on the shape-memory principles of the NiTi alloy and thanks to its extraordinary capacity to expand, the XP-endo Finisher file is able to treat root canals with highly complex ...


FKG Dentaire – XP-endo Finisher R

二. 15. 五月 2018

In the initial treatment, root filling materials are forced into the canal irregularities. These materials shield microbial infection that should be removed in order to effectively disinfect the ...


FKG Dentaire – ScoutRace

日. 15. 四月 2018

ScoutRace is a sequence of three instruments with .02 taper and with ISO sizes of 10, 15 and 20. They are designed to mechanically prepare root canals with severe curvature, or «S» type canals.  ...


FKG Dentaire – Race ISO 10

五. 23. 三月 2018

3 instruments make up the Race ISO 10 range, all with a size of ISO 10 and with .02, .04 and .06 taper. This represents a significant technological advance. The Race ISO 10 are designed to reach ...


FKG Dentaire – iRace

四. 15. 二月 2018

This sequence is really easy to use, economic and enables treatment of a majority of canals with just three instruments. iRace sequence - Thanks to their exclusive characteristics, only three iRace...



六. 3. 二月 2018

XP-endo Shaper tem origem na  combinação de duas tecnologias avançadas: a liga MaxWire e a ponta Booster Tip.  Fabricado pela empresa suíça FKG, com a liga MaxWire, tal como o XP-endo ...


FKG Dentaire – BT-Race

二. 23. 一月 2018

BT-Race Sequence - This sequence enables the treatment of the vast majority of root canals using just three instruments while fully respecting biological standards that have been recognized for years....