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The ITI is a global association of professionals in implant dentistry. Its main objectives are to promote and share knowledge about implant dentistry and related fields. The ITI serves dental professionals by fostering learning, networking, discussion, and exchange. The organization provides high-quality education in implant dentistry, supports cutting-edge research in the field, and aims to be the go-to resource for dental professionals worldwide.

With more than 20,000 Fellows and Members in over 100 countries, the ITI ensures global expertise and knowledge exchange through its national Sections.

Get on top of your game through lifelong learning with the help of our educational events, publications and e-learning opportunities. Leverage our vibrant community of experts through Section activities, Study Clubs and online exchange.

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Focus areas


The ITI strives to maintain high standards of continuing education in implant dentistry. It coordinates educational products, tools, and activities, and develops concepts and curricula to educate individuals interested in implant dentistry.


The ITI supports research in implant dentistry by providing grants and actively identifying relevant areas for investigation and identifying current knowledge gaps. It promotes groundbreaking research, supports publication and dissemination of results, and contributes to advancing knowledge in the field.


The ITI fosters networking opportunities among its membership and continuously works to enhance value for Fellows and Members, with a particular focus on promoting inclusivity and increasing the representation of young and female professionals.


The ITI seeks to identify and develop leaders in implant dentistry on a local, national, and international level with the goal of nurturing and promoting the next generation of leadership in the field.

ITI Treatment Guide Series

The ITI Treatment Guide book series is a comprehensive compendium of evidence-based treatment methods in implant dentistry. These books provide step-by-step instructions to help practitioners navigate various clinical situations. Emphasizing accurate diagnostics, evidence-based treatment concepts, and reliable outcomes, the ITI Treatment Guides are published in collaboration with Quintessence, a renowned publisher in the field of implant dentistry.

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SAC Assessment Tool

The SAC Assessment Tool simplifies the process of evaluating complexity and risk in implant dentistry cases. It utilizes the ITI's widely respected SAC classification system (Straightforward, Advanced, Complex) and aligns with the ITI's guidelines for different restorative and surgical cases. The tool is based on the book "The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry 2nd Edition" (link to and provides an easy-to-use approach for case assessment.

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ITI Academy

Knowledge at your fingertips: Learn anytime, anywhere using the ITI’s e-learning platform.

The ITI Academy is the most scientific and comprehensive e-learning platform in implant dentistry. It offers more than 800 peer-reviewed and evidence-based learning items in a variety of formats and languages - used by 100k+ registered users and 80+ universities worldwide.

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ITI Study Clubs

ITI Study Clubs are your local opportunity to network with peers and discuss the latest treatment approaches in implant dentistry. ITI Study Clubs are small communities of around 25 members who meet three to four times a year to discuss cases and share experiences in a friendly and trusted environment. Participation is free for all ITI Fellows and Members.

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Proceedings of ITI Consensus Conferences

The ITI Consensus Conferences create evidence-based guidelines for implant dentistry treatment. Held every 5 years, they review dental literature on specific topics. Peer-reviewed conference proceedings are published in a reputable journal, offering valuable resources for clinical practice. Since 2003, the proceedings are freely downloadable, ensuring easy access to this important knowledge.

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Forum Implantologicum

Forum Implantologicum is the ITI's free, peer-reviewed online journal that features pertinent scientific information on topics of current relevance translated into the context of daily clinical practice. It provides evidence-based clinical content – written by experts in the field for practitioners seeking excellence in all things implant dentistry. All articles are published in English with thranslations into Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish.

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ITI Curriculum

The ITI Curriculum is a universal learning standard based on 40 years of evidence-based science and education. It is the ideal choice if you have recently graduated and are new to implant dentistry, or if you already work as a dentist and want to implement implant treatment in your practice. The ITI Curriculum offers optimal flexibility through a blended learning approach that involves:

  • E-learning
  • Classroom courses
  • Hands-on training
  • Case-based collaborative learning
  • Direct patient treatment under supervision

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ITI Diploma

The ITI Diploma is a flexible online program to earn a Diploma in Implant Dentistry that validates your expertise and showcases your excellence to patients and peers, issued by one of the most highly regarded implant dentistry associations worldwide.

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Scholarship Program

The ITI Scholarship program offers a valuable opportunity for young clinicians to gain international experience in the field of implant dentistry. With up to 35 scholarships awarded annually, the program enables Scholars to enhance their knowledge and skills in case planning, implant surgery, prosthetic restorations, research, and teaching.

ITI Scholars are selected to spend a year at one of the prestigious ITI Scholarship Centers worldwide. These centers, supervised by highly experienced ITI Fellows, are typically university departments or clinics renowned for their comprehensive insights into all aspects of implant treatment. The centers uphold the ITI philosophy, which emphasizes scientific credibility and a patient-centered approach.

The ITI Scholarship program is an unparalleled opportunity for young clinicians to broaden their expertise, gain international exposure, and contribute to the advancement of implant dentistry.

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Research Grants

Since 1988, the ITI has allocated over USD 59 million to research funding, establishing itself as a leading global contributor to research in implant dentistry. The ITI provides support for preclinical and clinical research in implant dentistry and related disciplines twice a year. By funding research projects, the ITI aims to have their findings published in internationally recognized scientific journals, ensuring accessibility for dentists worldwide and aligning with the organization's mission.

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André Schroeder Research Prize

The ITI established the André Schroeder Research Prize in 1992 as an annual recognition to honor the remarkable legacy of the late Professor André Schroeder (1918-2004), the founding President of ITI and a pioneering figure in implant dentistry, whose groundbreaking contributions greatly influenced the field of modern dentistry.

The ITI presents two André Schroeder Research Prizes each year to independent researchers who have conducted original studies in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration, and related areas. The prizes are awarded for outstanding achievements in both preclinical and clinical research.

The recipients of these prestigious awards are granted a cash prize of CHF 10,000, along with a commemorative gold medallion. This recognition serves as a testament to their exceptional contributions and encourages further advancements in the field.

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The ITI's network of national and regional Sections enables the organization to offer Members professionally stimulating activities in their own language and country or region.